Why is Florida the Place to Be Now?

The Sunshine State has been a popular destination for years, but now more than ever, people are flocking to Florida for a variety of reasons. From the relaxed restrictions due to Covid-19 to the incredible weather and lack of personal income taxes, there are plenty of reasons why people are choosing to move to Florida. In addition, many people are drawn to the state for its lifestyle, family, and work opportunities. However, with all the positives come some negatives.

Climate change is an increasing risk in Florida, and those who choose to move there should be aware of this. Additionally, some people have found that the negatives outweigh the positives and have decided that Florida is a great place to visit but not to live. The banking and financial sectors have also seen an influx of companies moving to Florida due to its access point. While many people move to Florida for retirement, others are choosing less densely populated cities like Punta Gorda, Sarasota and Fort Myers-Cape Coral.

Employment is also a major factor in people's decisions to move, although it is a significant decline from past years. The pandemic has also changed priorities and lifestyle choices for many people, leading them to move closer to family. Major businesses from New York are considering moving to Florida due to lower taxes as well. Finally, Florida is full of incredible new real estate projects that offer luxury living.

Despite the risks associated with climate change, census data shows that these realities aren't deterring people from living in Florida.