Why is Florida the Ideal Place for Businesses?

Florida businesses enjoy a variety of advantages that make it an ideal place to do business. From tax benefits to infrastructure and a competitive cost of living, the Sunshine State has proven to be an attractive destination for companies from a wide range of industries. With no personal income tax, 5.5 percent corporate tax rate, or payroll taxes, Florida is the perfect place to start or expand a business. The state is home to more than 130 airports for public use and 20 commercial airports, giving it an advantage in the aeronautical and aerospace manufacturing and maintenance industries.

The third largest state in the country by population and with the fourth largest economy, Florida's GDP is greater than that of all countries except 16. It has been ranked the best state in the U. S. in terms of fiscal policy, making it an attractive place to do business. Its lower business taxes and faster, less expensive and more predictable permitting processes attract businesses looking to call Florida home.

The state also makes it easier to achieve work-life balance, something that drives many workers after the pandemic. In addition to its welcoming business climate, residents and visitors know that Florida's quality of life is hard to match. Palm-fringed beaches with powdery white sand, a wide variety of recreational activities, diverse culture, theaters, museums and an affordable cost of living are just some of the reasons that make the Sunshine State attractive to so many people and businesses alike. The Fort Lauderdale metropolitan area (Broward Metropolitan County) is home to more than 200 regional corporate and international headquarters, including AutoNation, Chewy, Citrix, El Al Airways, Hotwire Communications, JetBlue Travel Products, Kaplan Inc.

It is the geographical and business center of South Florida, whose population of 6.1 million makes it the largest metropolitan region in the southeastern U. S. Companies both based in the U. and internationally appreciate the strategic location of the Fort Lauderdale metropolitan area and convenient access to global markets, a multilingual and multicultural professional workforce, and numerous workforce education and training programs.

Pasco County has industrial sites available for development with strong employment incentive programs in place. Pasco EDC Ready Sites program evaluates and evaluates large tracts of land for industrial development. These sites are located throughout the county and have access to industrial quality utilities. St.

Lucie County offers by far the lowest industrial land cost in Southeast Florida, unparalleled speed to market, and eight commercial parks with 5.8 million square feet of speculative industrial facility space. Sites have excellent access to Interstate 95 and the Florida Turnpike, as well as rail, sea and air transit options. The entire county is a designated foreign trade zone with strong professional and technical training programs offered by St. Lucie County.

Florida has become an attractive destination for businesses due to its tax advantages, significant investment capital availability from venture capitalists, infrastructure assets, competitive cost of living compared to other major economic centers in the country, diverse economy with a world-class workforce and a business-friendly climate. With its welcoming quality of life and one of the most competitive tax climates in the United States make Greater Fort Lauderdale one of the most attractive places of business in the world.