What are the Main Business Sectors in Florida?

Few states can match the scale and scope of Florida's industrial assets. Supported by a strong economy, thriving infrastructure, and a world-class workforce, there are nine key commercial industries in Florida. From growing aviation fintech and MRO groups to semiconductor and medical device manufacturing, Florida-based facilities are among the most innovative in the world. Attracting people with sun and beaches hasn't been the only thing on Florida's economic agenda in recent years.

Industries have continued to strengthen their presence in aerospace, life sciences, manufacturing, homeland security and information technology. Florida's life sciences sector is also growing and innovating, with more than 1,000 biotech, pharmaceutical and medical device companies, a foundation of more than 45,000 healthcare facilities, including 700 hospitals. The state is home to more than 18,200 manufacturers employing more than 317,000 workers, placing it among the top 10 states in the country for manufacturing. The industry produces a wide variety of products, from rocket parts to cleats.

Safety is on everyone's mind these days. From cybersecurity to securing ports of entry, Florida's defense and national security industry remains at the top of its game. Twenty military installations, three unified combatant commandos and almost all of the country's major contractors are located in Florida. Since the birth of the personal computer in Boca Raton, Florida's information technology industry has grown and diversified into photonics, mobile technologies, communications equipment, modeling and simulation, and digital media.

The digital media industry comprises nearly 4,200 companies employing nearly 11,000 people and developing some of the best video games, mobile apps and theme park apps in the world. Agriculture is a prominent feature in Florida because of the crops that are used to growing in our climate, especially citrus fruits. We can also learn a lot about nature in this state because of the different types of wildlife that reside here as well as different ecosystems that exist in different parts of the state. One might be surprised to learn that Florida is actually one of the highest-ranked states in terms of aviation and aerospace due to key organizations residing in Florida as well as a growing network of airports and study centers for this scientific field. Florida does not require businesses to have commercial liability insurance although it is advisable to have some insurance to protect your assets.

Second, tourism is a huge part of Florida's economy including hotels excursions museums and souvenir shops. As expected one of the most notable milestones for aerospace travel and exploration is the Kennedy Space Center one of NASA's two main operating bases. Using the Gulf of Mexico Caribbean Sea and Atlantic Ocean commercial companies operating from Florida can send and receive goods by ship Any of Florida's major cities such as Tampa Miami and Jacksonville have excellent networks.